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When Dr. Minga set out to open his own practice, he knew he wanted to set himself apart. Growing up working on his family’s farm in Smithfield, Virginia, he culminated a work ethic that has carried over into his professional training, and considers that to be the backbone of shaping how he treats his patients and their needs. “I love learning about my patients in order to better understand their treatment goals,” he says, “my philosophy at Minga Orthodontics is simple; I treat everyone that walks in my door as if they are family. The plan I give my patients is the same one I would give my son or niece, if they walked into the office and needed treatment.” While working on the planning process to open Minga Orthodontics, he wanted to make sure that all patient visits were centered around one outcome: for them to Smile More.


Outside of orthodontics, Dr. Minga is a big family man, and enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife (Courtney), their son (Luke), and their yellow Lab (Murphy). He loves to spend as much time as he can going to the beach or being out on the water, and when the Ohio weather is not cooperating with those plans, he and his wife love to golf together.

After graduating from the dental training program at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University), he completed his orthodontic residency at The Ohio State University. However, he wants to be known as an orthodontist who not only aims to care for the health and wellness of his patients’ smiles, but as someone who is going to apply an artistic approach to the overall smile design. “To me, it’s more than just straight teeth – I look at the smile in relation to the lips and face, and make sure all work done to the smile compliments the lips and overall face structure”, he says.

“I love learning about my patients in order to better understand their treatment goals.”

Not only is he setting himself apart by ensuring to take a big-picture approach at treating his patients’ smiles, but he is the first orthodontist in central Ohio to utilize a revolutionary new technology and equipment that he feels is a complete game changer when it comes to braces and smile design. The LightForce Bracket system provides 3D-printed brackets, which are then digitally placed on a computer-generated version of the patient’s smile. When the patient comes in for their braces, their appointment time is cut in half, since most of the time-consuming work is already completed before they walk in the door! He stresses that this is a great benefit for parents of children who are still in school, as it reduces the amount of time they need to be taken out of school (less appointments, shorter appointments, etc). On top of this new exciting equipment, Minga Orthodontics also has the most up-to-date radiograph machines and scanners, making their work as flawless as they can be in their industry.

If the advanced equipment and techniques haven’t already shown you Dr. Minga’s commitment to his patients, you may be surprised that he also took an artistic and attentive approach to designing his office. When you walk in the doors, the first thing you’ll notice are the vibrant colors and bright lighting. You can’t help but feel energized as soon as you notice the crisp, clean layout of the office. As a big fan of being outdoors and spending time in nature, he feels that “the power of the sun and daylight is energizing, so it was important to make sure that the office did not feel dark or cold”.

There’s also a story behind all of the smaller details you’ll notice in the office. Dr. Minga has chosen all of the artwork based on preferences and symbolic meanings to members of his family. He also wanted to make sure that the open treatment bay area is made of a giant pane of glass windows, so that patients are able to look outside and enjoy the sights of nature. When you hear the music playing, know that it has been carefully curated to play uplifting, fun music to give everyone something to enjoy. “Music has the ability to speak to people in so many different ways, so we always try to have fun music in the office”, he says, “whether it’s your favorite Taylor Swift song or some of your mom’s college favorites, you will hear something that is aimed at putting a smile on your face when you come to see us!”

Whether it’s the treatment plan, hospitality, or overall ambiance of the office, there is no shortness in attention to detail at Minga Orthodontics. Dr. Minga is confident that every treatment you’ll receive from him and his team will be aimed to achieve the overall goal to not only have a great experience and to love your smile, but to feel confident to Smile More!

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